High Pressure Air Compressor Manufacturers

High Pressure Air Compressor Manufacturers

Multistage heavy – duty compressors are designed for high pressure operation upto 70.31 kg / cm2g (1000 psig). These compressors are used in Valve And System Testing, Diesel Engine Starting, Laboratory Test Work, Space And Aviation Industries, Air Blast Circuit Breaking, Dairy, Marine And Military Applications etc.

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Technical Specifications:

MACF – 1231 3 2 7.4 35/500 150
MACF – 1007 T2 7.5 2 24.75 35/500 300
MACF – 1007T2 12.5 2 36 35/500 300
MACF – 3600 10 2 26 25/360 300
MACT – 1015 T2 15 3 41.3 40/600 300
MACT – 1015 T2 20 3 49.5 40/600 500
MACT – 1015 T2D 40 3 + 3 99 40/600 750
MACT – 1015 H 15 3 54.3 25/360 500
MACT – 1015 H 20 3 63 25/360 500
Conversion : 1 cfm = 28.32 litre / min 1 cfm = 0.0283m3 / min
1m3 / min = 35.31 cfm 1 kg / cm2 = 14.22 psig

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